Prayer Life

All the sisters, concerned for the spirit of prayer and devotion, spend some time every day in mental prayer, either by themselves or in common.

The Life of Liturgy


-  The sisters of the Association shall show all reverence and honor to the Sacrament of the Lord’s most Holy Body and Blood, since the Eucharist contains the entire spiritual wealth of the Church. The sisters should use suitable ways to nourish in themselves a faithful love and regard for so great a mystery.

-   Sisters should celebrate the most Holy Eucharist as a community reverently and with a pure intention so that the Eucharist may be truly the center and source of community life and sharing. If possible, this should be done every day.

The Liturgy of the Hours

- The Liturgy of the Hours is the common prayer of the sisters and should ordinarily be prayed in common, so that the whole course of day and night may be consecrated by the praise of God.

-  Taking into account the circumstances of apostolic life, the order of the Hours shall be so arranged that through their celebration the different times of day will be truly sanctified. Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer are the two-fold hinge of the daily office; they are to be regarded as the principal Hours and these two Hours and compline (Night Prayer) are to be prayed in common. Those, however, who cannot be present at the community celebration shall say these Hours privately.